prevent copy paste emails

How can I prevent emails from being copying and pasted when I drag my mouse? When I am selecting a large amount of emails while holding Shift sometimes my hand will move a little bit and it causes a copy and paste function, as it probably should, but I do not want to do that. It does not create the emails in the paste function since they are duplicates or for whatever reason, but after that it unselects the emails I have selected, which could be a lot of them? Then I have to go through all of my emails again and reselect them.
Thanks for any help

Hello Larry, I’m not quite sure if the Shift key could play any role in this behaviour, however make sure not to hold the CTRL button when drag and dropping items in the current folder as this may cause a duplicate creation of the selected messages.


I have found that out, I was just hoping to be able to change a setting that would prevent that from happening. It is just easier to keep holding the CTRL key while scrolling and selecting large amounts of emails.

Unfortunately it is not possible to disable this shortcut/option in eM Client at the moment.


Ok, thanks a bunch!
Have a great day!