Precision Touchpad starts scrolling backwards

I’ve just installed eM Client, and am considering purchasing it.  The biggest issue I’m facing right now, however, is that two-finger scrolling with a Precision Touchpad starts out going backwards, and then corrects itself.

This is most evident in the Settings -> Shortcuts view, but appears to happen everywhere.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open up Settings
  2. Go to Shortcuts
  3. Use two fingers to scroll halfway down
  4. Scroll back up

Expected results:

The window should scroll up

Observed results:

The window scrolls down by 13 lines first, before reversing direction and scrolling up.  If I scroll slowly, it will scroll down one line at a time until 13 lines have passed before reversing.

This happens regardless of whether I lift my fingers off the trackpad first.

On an ASUS laptop with the correct drivers installed, I can not reproduce this.

I’m able to reproduce it both with the physical hardware touchpad as well as the virtual touchpad using the touchscreen instead.

It could have something to do with the virtual touchpad drivers/software.

Might not make a difference, but can you make sure you are using the latest version of eM Client from

I’m using the latest version – 7.1.32088.0

I can see WM_MOUSEWHEEL events going to the window that are correct – the zDelta is negative for scrolling down and positive for scrolling up, so the drivers seem alright at least.

I should note that this happens in places like Settings->Shortcuts, Settings->Translation, and mailbox listings (e.g. scrolling through messages in the inbox), but it does not happen in the message view itself, nor does it happen in Settings->Read or Settings->Compose, both of which require a scrollbar.

So scrolling a long message works fine, but scrolling the list of messages moves backwards for the first few WM_MOUSEWHEEL messages.

I tried this on two other touchpads, a VAIO and a HP/Compaq, and I get the correct response every time. They all use different software for smart gestures. All I can think is that it is specific to your hardware/software/driver setup.

Maybe later when the US comes online, others may have further advice, especially anyone using a touchscreen. Until then, if you have a Pro License you could open a support ticket and get the developers involved.

I’ve purchased eM Client and have opened a support ticket.