Pre Sale Question

Do you really offer any kind of support if I bought your product?

My problem solved, but now I am wondering do you really offer any support if I bought your product, because no one answered me until now on my previous question!

Hello Mohammed, we do offer additional support as you can see here on the forum, using our live chat (which operates during business hours between 9am until 5pm GMT) or using our VIP support system available at , find out more here: .

I’m unfortunately not completely sure why you weren’t able to access our website, but maybe there’s been a firewall protection involved. As far as we know there are not restrictions setup for your area nor any country specifics should be applied.

Thanks a lot  you for your reply,

Please one final question, the “PRO” option of the  “SINGLE PC License” am I will get life time upgrade? for example to eM client 7 also or just eM client 6 updates?


Hello, eM Client lifetime upgrades entitle you to all future updates and upgrades, including eM Client 7.
Without lifetime upgrades you’re entitled to updates for the current release only, or you have to purchase upgrades additionally.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for the great explanation.