praise for version 7

I installed V7 and I am blown away.

From the UI/UX perspective you folks have come a long, long way from version6.
As a(n):
-ex-director of information technology for a hedge fund on wall street
-a software designer & developer of 25+ years
-a frustrated user with Outlook 2016
-a demanding computer user
-a fellow coder

I am very impressed. This is not a ‘yet another mail client’ this is enterprise quality good production. You folk deserve every bit of praise that you can get.

It has been 15 minutes, I have 7 accounts from 7 different servers. The update rate is phenomenal. The feature set is unbelievable. So far, this is a dream come true; and almost too good to be true.

You took your time with the V7 release, but boy, was it worth it.

You deserve every penny you ask for this software - and the price is right imho.

Good job to each and every one of you there.

I. Cem (Jim) Onur
425 Broadway, FL 5
10013 New York, NY
+1 888 729 0464

I try to be one in a million, not one of the million.

Hello Jim,

Thank you very much for the positive feedback! We’re glad to hear that you are happy with the version 7 and we hope that it will continue to satisfy you in future.

All the best,

Yeap, so far so good. I put it on my wife’s Surface Pro as well. She loves it too.

As always with any new software, you have one week to either keep me happy as a user, or lose me as a complainer :slight_smile: Then I become a life-long fan.

Thank you for following up Maurice.