Praise: BEST Windows Live Repalcement

I tried MailBird, I tried Thunderbird - both had major problems because the did not look like, feel like, or work like Windows Live ‘used to work’, Contacts did not import correctly or the Apps did not have local folders or several other issues. So, I gave up. But then I discovered eM Client. 
eM Client has done it ALL!  and it is free.  Heck I may buy the Pro version just to reward this team.  Here are the highlights.

  1. Contacts import from outlook and gmail without issue
  2. All of my WL folders imported without issue - wow, all my old Local folders saved emails imported.   
  3. The UI looks and feels like Windows Live Mail - well close enough.  NOT a big learning curve.

And even more!   Good job!   

I recommend eM Client as the BEST replacement for the no longer supported and now completely broken Window Live Mail.