Possible to state Authentication Method Plain Password?

Any way of telling the client in what format to send the password? I’m looking to ditch Thunderbird, it allows us to say “Authentication method: Normal password” to make it work with Kerio. Same for Windows Live Mail. But this seems to lack in eM and without it, I can’t get it to authenticate. Am I overlooking something?

This is the latest 4.x version, freshly downloaded today.

Still keen to buy eM but no go until this works of course. And I’m not the only one either: https://discourse.emclient.com/emclient/to…

In Kerio Connect:

  1. Kerio Connect > Accounts > Users > (Select user) > Edit > Common > DISABLE last option „Store password in high secure SHA format (recommended)“

  2. Re-enter the users password!

  3. Save and it will work with eM Client again.

Citation taken from Kerio Connect Online Help:
Store password in high secure SHA format (recommended)
This option allows use of secure asymmetric encryption algorithm (SHA). This option has one disadvantage — some methods of Kerio Connect access authentication (APOP, CRAM-MD5 and Digest-MD5) cannot be applied. If this option is enabled, it is necessary to change the user password. This can be done either by administrator or the user (e.g. by Kerio WebMail).

Thanks. That’s disabled already. We use Linux PAM as the backend user management.

Regardless of that, one should be able to use any client, without the need to change the mail server. Every client, but eM, works. Even if I changed the whole mail server around and made it work, it’s still an eM oversight.

If I get desperate, I will consider going this extra mile. It’s good to know there ultimately IS a way to make it happen, so thanks for pointing that out.

If eM devs read this, the request still stands. If other clients can do it, so can you!

Technically it’s Kerio’s fault for reporting that it supports authentication methods that it doesn’t actually support. There’s a way to turn off reporting of individual authentication methods in Kerio Connect settings (under “Advanced options”), which is the preferred way to fix the problem.

We do not want to force users to manually tweak settings for something that’s supposed to work out of the box. Microsoft Outlook doesn’t offer the option either and uses a fallback mechanism when authentication using DIGEST-MD5 fails. We are implementing similar mechanism for the next eM Client update.

I have exactly the same issue, however with another mail provider; where I have no control.
outlook works, thunderbird works, even all clients on android, however not em client … and what did I get I licens for ???

I have same trouble: my corporate IMAP server is using SSL with plain password. I can’t set Authentication method in eM Client also I can’t change server settings.
Do you plan to add Authentication method to IMAP settings? Every popular mail client already has this option.


I have changed this to “Idea under consideration” because it sounds as very reasonable feature and we will consider this.

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I have exactly the same problem with Telia (Sweden) and accessing my email account there via IMAP. Pls consider for version 6


I will write this down and bring it up when we will discuss user’s ideas.

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