Possible to exclude certain inboxes from "All Inboxes"?

Evaluating em client with numerous IMAP accounts using version
I’d like to exclude the inbox of one of my accounts from “All Inboxes”. Is this somehow possible?
Thanks in advance!


I’m afraid “All Inboxes” does just that - shows all inboxes. However you can create a search folder in smart folders, where you can set any rule you might think of, as well as select specific inboxes from which you want to aggregate messages.
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Hey Dave,
thanks for the reply! Shame but not a huge deal. And yes, I already set up a search folder for one of my accounts (thanks for pointing it out, though) - great function indeed.

I was looking for the same thing that Phil was. We should be able to untick a box under accounts like "exclude from Unified inbox (or call it All Inboxes). I have setup my work email now but I don’t want to see them among all the other accounts. I think by filtering as above you still see them in all inboxes. 

Yes, please. Excluding an account from All Inboxes would be a huge thing at least for me. :slight_smile:

I can just agree. Excluding certain accounts from All inboxes by (un)ticking woud be awsome.

What we all seek here cannot be achieved by rules and/or search folders. I’d love to see an option to exclude a specific inbox (let’s say my work emails) from smart folders inbox. I could not find any way to set up a “reverse” kinda rule to trick this logic

You can setup a smart folder to show all inboxes except the one you don’t want. The difference between that and the current All Inboxes, is that it will not have an unread count.

How can I do that? I did not find a way. 

Right-click on Smart Folders, choose New Search Folder.

Give it a name, and choose which folders to include. Leave the search query blank.

Thanks Gary. Well, it does the job but this folder then sits in an awkward position down below all the folders. Any way to move this up where the common smart folder inbox is? 

Sorry Zotmund, it can’t be moved. As you said earlier what we seek cannot be achieved, but this is the next best option.

Just as an update, for anyone looking to create a new Search Folder, you also have to turn on the Search Folder view in Smart Folders, otherwise you will not see the new Search Folder you created.

To turn on Search Folders, right click on Smart Folders, then choose Display. Select Search Folders, and any other folders you want to toggle on or off.


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To move the folder to the top just right click and send up to Favorites, then move