Possible scam email "from eMClient"

I realize that this is a user forum, but I’m hoping that eMClient peope occasionally read this stuff…
I received and email this morning from some supposedly from eMClient telling me that while I have a free license (I do, and have a screenshot of it), “Our system recently flagged your Free license as it seems that you registered it to a commercial subject, which does not comply with the terms and conditions of the Free eM Client license.” What does that even mean? What is a “commercial subject”? Is there a difference between “commercial” and “private” versions of eMClient other than a license?
If it’s legit, this “George Wilson” is incorrect, but it just reads like a scam - to what purpose I have no clue.

Wes Struebing

Hi Wesley,
George Wilson is one of our colleagues from the Sales team, and this email is legitimate.

To find out what triggered the possible business use detection please reach out to him directly - if the detection was a mistake (which can of course happen, since we don’t actually read your emails) he will add you to a whitelist so you are not bothered by a possible ban again.
Or you can reply to sales@emclient.com if you do not want to respond directly.

Have a great day,