Possible handle leak in Emclient 6

Hi! I have tried using Emclient 6 and currently evaluate it for longer term use as my main email client. I like this program. I have discovered a possible handle leak (and slow memory leak) in the program. The way to replicate the problem:

Start Emclient and add several email accounts. Set synchronize interval 3-5 minutes. Keep running the program by not shutting down computer. In Windows task manager, enable Mem Usage and Handles columns. Observe both counts slowly increase over time. I have started running into significant problems on my pc, affecting other applications, after number of handles used by Emclient hit around 95,000. This number was two orders of magnitude above number of handles used by any other application.

Background information:
Pushing the Limits of Windows: Handles
“Any process that has more than a ten thousand handles open at any given point in time is likely either poorly designed or has a handle leak”

Please look into this and let me know how this problem can be fixed.

Hi K0zak,

a synchronize interval of 3-5 minutes is very short: maybe a synchronization is not finished yet, when the next one is already started.

I would set this to 10 or 15 minutes.

I also normally let eM Client run for a few days, which doesn’t give any issues here.

Thank you for your reply. It’s obvious that Emclient works fine for the majority of users, at least in this respect. I know if I close it and restart it once every couple of days I’ll be fine. That is not what my email was about.

I only get a handful of emails per day in total, all text, so no, 3-5 minute interval should not lead to a synchronization overflow. It takes about a day for the software to break through 10,000 handles. That is more than all other apps I’m running combined, and I’m running a lot (32GB of ram, of which typically 50-70% is in use). According to Mark  Russinovich, who is a well known and respected Windows expert, Emclient has a handle leak or is poorly designed.
I hope developers can take a hint and investigate why so many handles are used, why they are obviously not being recycled to a sufficient extent, and decrease their usage by the software.

Hi, thank you for reporting this issue, unfortunately I was unable to replicate this behavior, do you think it would be possible to create a memory dump from Task Manager when this issue occurs?

To do so, please run the program at: %SystemRoot%\SysWOW64\TaskMgr.exe , locate the “MailClient.exe” process, right click the process and select “Create Dump”. Note that this file may be exceeding email messaging limits in it’s size, so if possible, submit this file to us using some common sharing service, such as Dropbox, Google Drive etc.

Send the link for download to my email, [email protected] with included reference link to this forum topic.

Thank you,

Hi Paul,

If there’s really a memory and/or handle leak, then I would advise to use a ‘memory profiler’ which can quite easily show this information.

It has been too many years since I’ve stopped programming, so I can not quickly remember the names of those ‘memory profilers’, but I know there are a few very good tools available. Your software engineers should be able to find them.

This is an issue that should not affect majority of the users, only some high end users. I will provide memory dump in a few days. Thanks for paying attention to this.

Hi again, sorry for my belated reply, thank you for the feedback regarding this issue, we’re inspecting on a possible handle leak in eM Client with some of our customers, and hopefully we’ll remove such issue if our concerns our confirmed.

Thank you,

THE CURRENT VERSION as of today has this issue, Memory usage grows over time to nearly a full GIG and the program repeatedly crashes/faults all day. Two exchange accounts being used in this case. 

Hello Michelle,
would you mind copying the content of the crash errors here so we can try to find out what’s going on?

Best regards,