Possible bug with the notification icon in the system tray.


Possible bug with the notification icon in the system tray.

I noticed that when you get a notification icon in the system tray for new messages it stays there after you shut down eM Client. And when you hover your mouse cursor over it it finally disappears. It just seems like a small bug but was wondering if you can fix it so the notification icon in the system tray disappears the same time you shut down eM Client?


This happens not only with eM Client but with all programs which are frozen and/or shut down not in the standard way.

have you noticed any freezing or weird behaviour of eM Client? And what Windows version do you use?


I am using Windows 7 SP1 64 Bit.

And if the notification icon is showing in the system tray it never goes away when shutting down eM Client. Also no I have not seen any freezing or weird behavior with eM Client.

Is this happening “always” on your computer too? Are you saying this is normal then?

not always and not with eM Client, acutally it happened once or twice and it was because of this.

But I see this behaviour all the time with iTunes if I insert iPhone before I run iTunes, then they freeze and I have to shut them down from task manager. but it will keep icon in task bar until I hover over it…

I will ask tomorrow about this, but I think developer will give me same response I gave now to you, I hope at least there there is some way how to prevent this.

now I need to go out of office so I can’t do it now :confused: