Position of section icons

Continuing the discussion from EmClient v8 - progress bar:

The mouse distance to click on the Calendar in version 7 is not that different from the distance in version 8. They are both in the lower left. Is the distance really that much extra?


Personally, it seems better to me because the icons are static in version 8. In version 7 they would move up and down, so if you were in Contacts, the Calendar button would be way up the top, but if you were in Mail, it would be way down the bottom.

I wonder what it would take to have both layouts as an option in settings?

If you are into keyboard shortcuts, it would not make any difference though. Use Ctrl + 2 for Calendar. :wink:

I guess the distance is not really what I meant - it more the “obviousness” and visibility. The V7 just seems more obvious where you are clicking with the words “Calendar” and “Mail”. I guess over time my little brain will get used to the change but its a non-issue now for me as I’m back on V7 until I have to go to V8. It seems to me that they are just copying the changes to later version of Office 2019 Outlook and for some odd reason I just don’t like it. Their more Outlook 2010 (V7) look was one of the “appealing” reasons I went to emClient. I have both Office 2019 Outlook and emClient and chose to use emClient because of the look/feel. Now that it is more like Outlook 2019 is there a reason to purchase emClient if you already have Outlook 2019 (office 365)??

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Yeah, bigger buttons. On Linux I use Evolution, which has a similar section menu concept to eM Client version 7. Since moving to eM Client 8 I occasionally get confused when using Evolution. :wink:

Never used MS Office except for very occasional testing so not familiar with their layout in Outlook. Was planning on a detailed look at that application in a few weeks, so maybe I could answer your question afterwards.

But if Outlook has Conversations, PGP encryption, automatic contact avatars, right-sidebar Agenda and communication history, and syncs with all my providers - maybe there would be no need for me to change to eM Client.

Oh, and it needs to look pretty!