Position calendar on any day with ability to scroll

Em client calendar has different views like week, working week or next 7 days.
In the view week and working week it is possible to scroll left/right to the week before/after.
In the view “next 7 days” scrolling is not possible.

  1. Would be very helpful to scrolling ability in the “next 7 days” view.
  2. It would also be helpful to be able to position calendar to any day (additionally to the “next 7 days” view).
  3. And sometimes it would be useful to have a 10 or 14 days view for shifting calendar items in this time period.
    Thanks for evaluating these features

The upcoming 7 days will always be just the next 7 days. Scrolling to the next week, so days 8 to 14, will not be the upcoming 7 days, just like going to the preceding will not be the upcoming 7 days.

But an option to change that to 2 weeks would be useful.

I vote for 2 weeks view too.

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You might be interested to know I view my monthly calendar as 3 weeks only. That might be an option for you.

To do that click on a day, then release the mouse button and by holding down the Ctrl key, scroll the mouse till the desired number of weeks are displayed.

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I found out a magic with Shift key just now. I can view 3 weeks horizontally. But I can’t find out the magic with Ctrl key. I can’t set 3 weeks vertically.
Can you describe it better?

I don’t know if this helps, but in the Calendar you can “Hover your mouse” in the centre just above the Calendar month and then drag up to show 3 months of the calendar. Up and down dragable normally hidden fields will appear.

I got it. A month view have to be selected…
It is very good for shifting calendar items.

I’m surprised. I didn’t know it.
How did you found it out?
There should be a separation line over there with mouse over effect.
List of such hidden features would be very appreciated.

Its been a hidden feature for years to show it more easily.

Thread where i saw it as a feature request to make it more obvious to the user.

Feature request for additional calendar thumbnails - Calendar - eM Client

It took me some time to follow this instruction. Here in more detail:

  • In the month view
  • Click on a day in the month view (not in the mini view on the left)
  • release mouse
  • hold ctrl button and scroll UP to reduce weeks shown to 3, scroll DOWN to enlarge weeks shown up to 6
    … and this feature should be able to reduce to 2 weeks shown.
    Beside that - perfect!

Detailled description how to set a defined number of days horizontally:

  • Select the weekly view
  • In the mini view on the left side: Select the day you want to see horizontally by marking the days with ctrl key (single days) or shift key (from-to selection)