Portuguese translation of Ignore calendar popup button is off

Hi can you please translate correctly the following word:

Currently, it says Recusar which means ‘to refuse’. When I just want to dismiss the pop-up for good, and never see it again, the correct translation in Portuguese is:


Can you please translate these ocurrences of the word Rejeitar in the calendar that are NOT about refusing/not attending, and are simply buttons to send away a notification without it coming back regularly, to the correct word ‘Ignorar’ - to ignore?


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Thank you for the message. We will pass this on to our Portuguese translator for correction.

What language do you have selected in eM Client? Is it Portugal Portuguese or Brazilian Portuguese?

Thanks. It’s Portuguese from Portugal yes, I guess brazilian might use the same word.

It seems in the English version this says Decline, so the translation might be correct.

But not every reminder has the Decline option. Is it possible you can change the UI to English (Menu > Settings > General > Language) and see if this says Decline or Ignore, or something else?