Porting local email messages from WLM on old W7 to eM Client on new W10 PC

I’m searching for a method for importing WLM messages (stored in local folders) to eM Client.
It’s important to know that WLM is on an old W7 PC, whereas eM Client is on a new W10 laptop.
So, eM Client doesn’t show an option for WLM in the “import” menù.
Until now, the only way that I found to do something is to drag single messages from WLM to file system, so producing .msg files, and then to import them in eM Client.
But this method is time expensive, not automatable, and it seems impossibile to me to “import” the complex tree of subfolders where I stored the messages: I would re-create it by hands, one by one.
I have many thousands of messagese and hundreds of folders!
Does anyone know a smarter solution?

Close EM Client before following my instructions below:

Type %appdata% into your W7 search field or explorer address bar. Press Enter. You’ll see “Roaming” Folder, double click it so you can see the EM Client Folder. Right-click on the EM Client Folder and choose Copy. Paste it onto the desktop. Push a Flash Drive into a USB port or plug-in an external drive. After either is connected to the W7 computer drag or copy the EM Client folder onto the drive/flash drive.

Do the same thing from the driver/flash drive in reverse when you plug it into W10.

If you want to skip the desktop just put something into the USB port and copy the EM Client folder directly onto the drive/flash drive. Now type %appdata% into the W10 search field, open Roaming, Delete the EM Client folder in W10 and replace it with the one from your W7 computer. Voila! Next time you open EM Client on W10 everything will be exactly as it was on W7. :slight_smile:

@sdepace Sorry I cannot think of a smart way!

Your response would seem to consist of instructions for copying and migrating eM Client data from a Windows 7 machine to a Windows 10 machine.

The original request seems to be about moving WLM (Windows Live Mail I assume) data from a Windows 7 machine to eM Client on a Windows 10 machine.

I am not as expert as you but does WLM really store its data in “%appdata%/Roaming/eM Client” ?

Or have you simply not read or understood the request? :slightly_smiling_face:

From further inspection of the online help facility, eM Client used to be able to do this. See the supposedly current documentation here.

So it struck me that before you give up all hope you could try the following. (Definitely a brute force approach, but hopefully non-destructive - I am flying blind a bit here…)

  1. Download and install onto your Windows 7 machine an older version of eM Client that still has the WLM import option.
  2. Import WLM data and see how that looks in eM Client. Is it good enough for your needs?
  3. Make a copy of that data, probably held in %appdata%/Roaming/eM Client
  4. Update the eM Client installation to the same version as on your Windows 10 machine
  5. If the data doesn’t come across as you wanted into that installation you might need to try Menu > File > Import again - I note at least in v7 that eM Client 6 is an import option so maybe the install of the newest options would leave an old version of eM Client 6 untouched - if not, that’s where the manual copy you took in step 3 might prove useful.
  6. If importing is successful you should have your WLM data imported into the correct version of eM Client on your Windows 7 machine - you can then proceed as per @Senior_Adviser 's post to move stuff over to your Windows 10 machine.

I’m afraid I do not have deep history with eM Client to identify how far back you’d need to go to find a version that still did native WLM Account importing. Since the Help system purports to cover v6 new features I’d hope you wouldn’t have to go back than the last v6 version? Some trial and error might be necessary. Perhaps someone with more experience can chip in with advice? Old versions can be found in their release history.

Perhaps someone else will come up with a brighter idea. I hope the above helps.

Wishing you success in any case! :slightly_smiling_face:

@Senior_Adviser and @DavidF
Thank you both.
I’m going to follow the last path indicated by DavidF.
With a little change: I’m trying to use the same version of eMClient on both computers.
The first step seems to give me trust: I installed the 8.0.2951 version also on the W7 PC, the same one that is installed on W10 laptop (I’m having a doubt with eMClient upgrade policy, but at the moment it’s a very secondary issue). And I found the option “Import from Windows Live Mail”.
So I launched the Import process: for the moment, I selected only my local “archive” folders, and it seems having imported all the messages contained. With two little problems: it imported some folders with strange names (eg “Acquisti-ve c98” instead of “Acquisti-vendite varie”) and the location (in the tree) of some folders isn’t correct. But I have understood both the issues: the second is because I moved the folders time ago, and so eMClient must have “read” the original location of the folder, whereas the first issue is because I renamed that folders time ago, so eMClient must have “read” the folder’s name on the file system.
I’m verifying and fixing these cases, before moving to w10 laptop … or I can do a trial … I’ll decide as soon.
I’ll communicate you the final result of my task.
Thanks !!

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I apologize for not seeing WLM to eM Client importing of all your data. You did the right thing to listen to Dave.

For future reference with any email client/program you should occassionaly backup all your contacts to a .vcf file and all your emails to .eml. Whatever program you choose to use for email there may be a feature in that program (like eM Client) to backup all your data and save it onto an external drive.

I hope all is going well for you.

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Hi sdepace

I know it’s a bit late in the day for you, however…
I had a similar problem with very old Eudora files a while back, found this program
that worked perfectly, you should have a look to see if it suits your needs.


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