Your soft is very useful - thanks
Is it possible to make a portable version to run on usb key
And perhaps an option to translate the mails (reading and writing)

Hello Jacques, message translation is currently an expected feature for the new version 7, follow us on Facebook or twitter to find out more about new releases and new application features. We’re however no longer considering making the application available on portable media, this is due to licensing issues as well as the key features of the application.

eM client is about 50MB large after installation, this kind of lightweight installation should not require another portable release.


Please see https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/poor-answer-why-the-creators-dont-understand-the-need-for-portability

Paul, slightly OT, nevertheless: any chance of an updated Facebook posting regarding screenshots or perhaps new features of the upcoming Version 7? Guess we have all been waiting now for this Version and v6 is rather outdated already in respect of the UI and features.



Hello Mike, we’re sharing more details about the new version regularly on our blog, Facebook and twitter. Public beta release is getting closer, however most of the real application interface is being updated at the moment, that’s why only mockup screenshots are available on the page.


OMG how could I miss the first to blog postings on Facebook so far?

Did not notice them - please continue in posting more news, about e.g. my one and only favorite, guess you know what I mean: the RULES :wink: