Pop3 Error Popup

I have had my elderly father set up using eMClient since getting him a new Windows 10 laptop. He uses a regular POP3 mail account and has been getting a pop-up error when it tries to synchronize. The first time it happened, I went in and checked the account settings. I changed the Authentication settings on the POP3 tab from (I think) “Use these credentials” to Use identity credentials. It could have been the other way around…I don’t honestly remember at this point. Sometimes, it will work and other times, it will give him the error. I want to get this resolved for him. Is these a fix for this? I am at work right now, so I cannot give the exact version he’s running. I’m seriously thinking about just exporting his e-mail and contacts, uninstalling and reinstalling eMClient.

Hello David,

Can your father send/receive e-mails? If everything works, it’s possible that this error is caused by a fluctuating internet connection and consequent temporary network unavailability. We can have a more detailed look if you post a log from the tab Log in the Operations window the next time the error pops up. Just select all with Ctrl+A and use Ctrl+V to copy it here.

Thank you,

I have same problem. I wanted to switch to eM Client from outlook as outlook is really bloated email client. However, I cannot add POP3 account to eM Client. I get same error and log file looks like this:

15:02:41 “email.com” [POP3]  MailClient.Accounts.SocketException: Connection failed due to the following reason: 

15:02:41     “Unable to read data from the transport connection: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond.”

15:02:41    at MailClient.Protocols.Pop3.Pop3ReceiveCommand.Connect(WorkerStatus status)

15:02:41    at MailClient.Protocols.Pop3.Pop3ReceiveCommand.Execute(WorkerStatus status)

15:02:41    at MailClient.Commands.Command.Process(WorkerStatus status)

This is a different error than provided by the OP.  This could be happening because:

  1.  Incorrect server settings, check with ISP on this.
  2.  More likely, this is due to an antivirus program issue.  Try shutting down your AV software and see if this solves the problem.  if it does, add an exception to your AV software.
  3.  Firewall.  make sure to allow eM Client in your firewall settings.

I have disabled my security and firewall to test this. However, nothing changed. Still unable to connect. I want to point out that e-mail works perfectly with outlook.

I’m having the exact same problem. Disabled Firewall and Anti-virus and still get the same errors. I posted a question about this. It appears in spite of the error message that my emails are being sent and received so the error message is confusing and annoying. Please advise. I’d love to get this app working properly as it looks and feels great:)

It could be that there is a timeout and eM Client is reporting an error.  It then checks again and connection is successful.  A workaround is to go to menu/tools/settings/general and un-check the “Show window when an error occurs” in the Operations Window section.

I have same problem no pop email download but SMTP OK sending. Tried all of above nothing works same error message as above. Email works fine on my phone and tablet, just stopped on PC desktop Windows 10 after 1 year working. No settings changes.