POP3 can't retrieve

[POP3] Can’t retrieve POP3 message due to the following reason:
“-ERR Message 2 expunged.”

That usually means a message on the server end has been deleted while the client was midway checking email maybe on another device so caused the expunged error in eM Client.

I would close eM Client and go online to your mailbox and check your inbox to make sure you can open and view the inbox messages ok.

If you can view your inbox emails ok online in webmail, then reopen eM Client and see if you still get the same expunged error message when receiving mail.

Now If you cannot view some emails in your inbox online in webmail then that could be why you are getting the expunged error in eM Client due to maybe you deleted them previously and they didn’t 100% go to the trash & got stuck. In which case your server mailbox support can help you.

Solved problem by reinstalling eM Client, latest version.
I use mailwasher to see email before transferring wanted messages to eM Client so confident that no problem with server. Also I could send ok. Don’t know what problem em Client had but new version and reinstall fixed it.