POP3 Authentification Fail in dovecot email server

Hi, I’m facing connection issues with the pop3 protocol on a dovecot server.
After completing the EM Client connection settings, SMTP connects but pop3 gives a connection error.
External connections to the pop3 server have already been tested and work correctly.
Only from EM does the connection fail.

Logs from server:
dovecot: pop3-login: Disconnected (auth failed, 1 attempts in 160 secs): user=<\[email protected]>, method=SCRAM-SHA-1, TLS: read(size=157) failed: Connection reset by peer

Is there any specific configuration for this connection?

Could be you have the wrong POP3 Port and Security Policy or could be a mail server problem.

So first make sure you can login ok to your Dovecot webmail page. If you carn’t login to webmail, then that will be the problem as could be they have an eg: Outage.

However if you can login ok to your Dovecot webmail page, then update below your POP3 “server address”, “port” and “security policy”.

Did you specify the correct port? Normally it’s 110 or 995 (in your case 995, because encrypted), but this might have been changed by your provider.