pop junk mail

Sometimes important mail goes to junk/ spam folder in gmail/  yahoo/ hotmail a/c. Is there a way em client can pop junk from email a/c to junk folder in em client? Em cleint is an excellent programme, feels equivalent to Microsoft outlook.

Hi, eM Client can only move emails to junk folders if you’ve blacklisted the email address or domain, but you’d have to do that manually.
You can also edit the blacklist, or just see what addresses or domains you’ve blacklisted in Tools > Rules > Blacklist.

If the email that’s being moved to the junk folder is not located in the blacklist, it’s being marked as spam by the server.

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I have a constant issue with email being moved to junk folder that is not junk. It is not marked by server as junk and is, in fact, forwarded from the server.

Hello George, unfortunately eM Client does not include any advanced junk mail filtering options, so it’s not possible for the application to mark the message as junk and move it to the junk folder unless it’s included on the blacklist, you can check blacklisted addresses as suggested above in Tools > Rules > Blacklist.


I just loaded eM Client for the first time. I was surprised to see 44 emails in my junk folder as I hadn’t even gone into tools yet. eM Client independently chose 44 email addresses from my inbox and placed them in the blacklist (which i knew to look for from this post). I was able to remove them but i can’t understand how they got in there in the first place. I’d like to fix that if possible . Thanks

The easiest way to have the spam mail folder from GMail in eM Client is to use IMAP. But if you are like me and use POP3, then this is a problem. Don’t know about others, but in GMail you can disable spam filtering so that all email comes to your inbox in eM Client. The only problem is that the built in junk filtering in eM Client is not very good out of the box. As you add addresses or domains to the blacklist it becomes better, but is still a huge hassle.

I think your best option in this case is a 3rd party app for spam.

i unclicked the spam rule, as i find that em client does a lot better this way

The Spam filter Rule cannot detect spam. All it does is act on messages that your email provider has tagged as spam. So if the provider is not changing the message header, the Spam filter Rule has no affect.