POP and IMAP at the same time

I want to use eM Client for two accounts: one is POP on my own server, and the other is IMAP (GMail). Currently my POP email is being retrieved by GMail so it stays resident on the IMAP GMail.

I would like to have a complete copy of all my email on my local computer so I can back it up nightly. However, I also want to allow the GMail server to maintain the messages so that I can access them from my phone and tablet as well as my desktop.

My research has indicated that eM Client is the application I should use, but, in reading as many posts as I could find, I’m still confused as to how to accomplish this. I have checked “Download messages for offline use” I don’t want to have to download each message individually or even as a group using checkboxes. I just want all email to be in my local filestore as well as the server.

Is this possible? If so, HOW???

Many thanks in advance



If I have understood well your question then “Download messages for offline use” is really what you are looking for, since you have your own email server I suppose that you know how IMAP and POP3 works so then you also should know that IMAP accounts does not download all emails for offline use by default but headers only.

so wit “Download messages for offline use” and after complete synchronization you can backup it anywhere you need by using File - Backup… tool.

have I understood you well?

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Perhaps I am missing something…

I have had “Download messages for offline use” checked for several days but still do not have anything in my Local Folders.

Can you tell me why?

this option simply downloads all emails from the server (not only headers) so you will be able to check your emails offline or backup them completely.

it has nothing to do with local folders.

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Well, I’m even more confused now. All I am trying to do is backup my email. To do that I think I need to have the messages on my local drive. Is that correct?

If so please tell me how to do this. If not please tell me how to accomplish what I want.

Yes, exactly - you need emails on your hdd.

So if you need to backup emails from your IMAP account:

Check under tools - accounts - your account - IMAP tab “download messages for offline use” and if you need then “also include attachments”

wait until eM Client will synchronize them all (in left low bar there is blue “i” double click on it and wait untile there is nothing in operations)

then use File - Backup…

If you need to backup POP3 accounts then all emails are downloaded offline everytime it is synchronized.

so just use File - Backup…

If you need to backup both POP3 and IMAP then follow first step.

So it is simple:

  1. you need to have all stored localy (that does not mean local folder)
  2. file - backup…

I hope that you will understand this now :slight_smile:

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