pls tell me what is the differnet wit pro and free

good day. thx for registration but i want to know the diffferent with free version and pr version . What i tested until now is pro version right? Juzt you will answer to me i can also advise some of my friend to get the same

The Pro License gives you access to VIP Support, can be used for commercial or business use, will allow more than 2 email accounts to be configured, and there is also no restriction to in-message translations.

ok and now that i have the free licence what can i do to get the pro licence? 

You can purchase a Pro License at
You will then receive an activation key which you can use in Menu > Help > License. You will first need to deactivate the Free one then activate with the new key.

ok i will do in next days. In the meantime it will continue to be the trial version PRO? until end of the 30 days? or it is now move to the free version?

For the first 30 days you will have access to the Pro License features. After that you will need to register for a Free License or purchase a Pro License.

pls advise me how to buy the pro licence. one for sure but most probably also the second licence. 

You can purchase a Pro License at If you purchase more than one at a time, there is a substantial discount.