Please recommend a free spam filter app that works well with eM Client

The spam filter I used to use with Outlook Express won’t work with eM Client, so I’m looking for one that does. I’m retired and living on Social Security, so I have no extra money to pay for an anti-spam app, and I’d appreciate any recommendations anyone here might have for one that works well with em Client.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi, antispam is serverside feature. Most freemails has one. Gmail or outlook for example.


I receive most of my email from the server for my personal domain. There is a spam filter running on that server, and it does catch a lot of the spam. However, I’ve found that, if I set the server’s spam filter to be any more aggressive than I presently have it, there are too many false positives, so I’ve found that the most workable solution is to have a secondary anti-spam solution running on my PC to catch what the server’s spam filter misses. This way, I can check for missing emails that may have been caught by the local spam filter much more quickly and easily than if I have to look for them on the server. This worked quite well when I was using Outlook Express, but now that I’m using eM Client, my old spam filter won’t work with it, so I need to find a good one that does.

Hi Mike,

In the following thread someone is successfully using spamihilator with eM Client:…

Thanks Hans. I’m now using Spamihilator, and it seems to be working quite well.

thank you for sharing your experience with us and users.