Please be patient

When handling a message - send it, delete it - I get this message “This operation may take a while to complete. Please be patient.” and this occurs more and more often the last weeks.
What is the cause of this and can this be solved?!


This operation may take a while message when (Composing Messages), is usually to do with the eg: “Speed of your Internet connection” and/or the “Speed of your computer”.

If you are getting this error all the time and your internet speed is ok and computer speed ok and rebooting hasn’t helped, you may then have some sort of eM Client program error or Mail database error.

You could then in that case, first try uninstalling eM Client and (don’t delete the database on uninstall when asked). Then reinstall the program from the version history page and see if the problem is fixed.

If reinstalling the program made no difference, then you would need to (remove the mail account) and add your mail account as new.

Note:- Before doing any of the above, make a backup first via “Menu / Backup” just incase you need to restore for any reason.