Please advise shortcut keys to refresh (send and receive mail)

I searched for shortcut key to refresh i.e. send and receive mail by pressing some shortcut key on keyboard but couldn’t get it. Please advise.

eM Client has a shortcut list within the program, Open eM Client - click on menu - then Tools - then Settings - Under the General tap - click on Shortcuts.

I checked shortcut keys (Tools - Settings - General Tap - Shortcuts) but there is no shortcut key to Send and Receive mail. Thus, wrote you to know if we want a particular shortcut key to send & receive mail, how can we do it then?

What version of eM Client are you using? I am using the latest version of eM Client and under shortcuts there is a shortcut for sending and receiving. It is listed under a group of shortcuts named Main ( the first group ). The  Default for sending and receiving is the F5 key. On my computer I have the F5 key set up to do something else so I could not test it but the shortcut keys also gives  you the option to change the settings for the default keys. I changed the default F5 key to ALT+7 key and was able to send and receive by pressing the ALT+7 keys. Here is an image. I hope this helps and that I am not misunderstanding what you are asking.

Hello, I could find it with your support. Thanks a million. You understood exactly the same what I was looking for. Thank you