Please add COLOR HIGHLIGHTING button to Compose Email screen (ex: Yellow Highlight)

Just switched from Outlook’10 - eMClient so superior in almost everything, but one important thing is missing in eMClient: the Button to COLOR HIGHLIGHT text (the Background, like with a Yellow Highlighter) when you’re writing a new email (or replying).  You really need this!!! PLEASE CONSIDER!

Hi, thank you for your feedback, we’re working on a new release of eM Client 7 which will feature a rethink UI and support for Webkit, this allows us to include more formatting options into the message window, including text-highlighting (the ability to change background color).


Thanks, Paul - that’s great.  To extend this slightly, pls. pass this sincere request to the dev. boys => when you revamp the message window interface, PLEASE PLEASE make sure when ANY COLOR SELECTION window is presented, a (color-blind) person sees the NAMES OF THE COLORS when they hover over them!! This may seem silly, but not for a color-blind person (in my case partially, red-green drives me crazy). There are tons of us out there (I think I’ve read that only guys are color-blind, for some genetic reason gals aren’t afflicted!) - it’s a nightmare when one of those huge boxes of COLORS pops up and you can’t be sure you’ve selected Bulldog RED vs. Notre Dame GREEN v. Clemson ORANGE!!! :wink:

Thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider adjusting this for improving accessibility in future releases :slight_smile: