Plain Text Composition Formatting

When formatting in plain text mode –

What does the “bar” on the left side translate to? How does the receiver see the bar and quoted text?

How do I work with this “bar?” If I have a paragraph of the sender’s text I want to break up into multiple pieces, so I can inline respond to specific sentences, the “bar” stays there when I hit return in the text, and there’s no apparent way to get rid of it. i.e., there’s no apparent way to break out of “quote” mode.

This is frustrating enough that I’ve taken to composing all replies in notepad++ and copy/paste into eM Client …

Can we get a better compose/reply mode for plain text? Can it look like plain text, so we know what the result will look like, rather than “mimicking html formatting but it’s sent in plain text?”

Can you screenshot this bar you are referring to ?

This one.

viernes 27 enero 2023 :: 1457hrs (UTC +0100)

Frustrating! I do the same as you and also use Notepad++
I do not believe it is possible to dictate the appearance of a sent email as this is dependant upon the way that the receiving client is configured.
When I have a specific requirement of an explicit format display I use PDF.

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Yes I also use notepad to strip out anything in text emails like that bar shown before pasting in.

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