pint in version 7.1.30794.0 does no seem to work

When I try to print an email using either Ctrl-P or File > Print for any emails in my mailbox nothing is printed. I have tried with 2 printers with the same results. There is no preview displayed in the print dialog.
One printer is postscript Lexmark and the other is an Epson all in one.

Strangely enough if I click the “Save as PDF” button in the print dialog I am able to save the email as a PDF file and then print the email.

Sometimes you just have to print an email to claim deliveries and etc.

This seems to be an issue if you change the location of your temp directory.  Have you done this?  The following post discusses it in detail:

Thanks Jay, that fixed it for me. I changed my user temp folder back to the default and the preview and printing are working again. 
Thank you
Happy Holidays!