Pin ChatBox on the Right chatPanel

is it possible to leave the chat panel pinned on the right panel of the chat box, instead of having it floating, in my case it would be greate and aesthetically pleasing to have the option to leave the chat window as a floating window, or one that opens within the chat panel.

In the Chat side-bar, click the settings cog:


You have the option to Undock the sidebar.

what i want is,
i do not want the chat window to popout
as shown

i want it to be within the same right panel

as the same way the names and the chat window is docked on the right, i want also, when i select a user to chat with. it remains within the same docked window

for it to be something like this

I see, you mean the compose window.

yes, the entire compo/chat window, i want the ability to have it fully docker on that sidebar, so that its not floating as a separate window.
and in the same regard, i wish group/chatrooms were possible.