Picture (.jpg) Files Aren't Being Received

After I insert pictures as attachments, the email is being sent, but the pictures are not being received.

For example, I sent the .jpg files to my wife’s eM Client account and then to my second email address and each time, when I tried to open them with eM Client, I received: “it looks like we don’t support this file format”.

When opening the email on my Android phone, I have a list of the pictures with “Save” next to them. When I select “Save”, I see the file name, and “Open File”. When I select “Open File”, a Blank screen opens.

When I use my AT&T email account to open the email, the picture files are located at the bottom of the email with this statement: “download all attachments as zip files”. When I click on a file and open it, I see 3-pages of mainly question marks with other characters thrown in here and there. When I downloaded them as a zip file and extract the files - nothing but a Blank screen is seen.

I’ve used eM Client Pro for several years and before now, have not had problems attaching and sending (receiving) .jpg files.