Photo/Picture Loading Time

All other emails load quickly, but ones with photos (whether embedded in message or attached) take ages to load up or download/save. Is there a setting to speed this up?

You can speed up the process of reading emails with photos by setting eM Client "to download messages for offline use & “Include attachments”.

To download messages for offline using eg: eM Client for Windows and an eg: IMAP acct, click “Menu / Accounts” and then “click on your email account on the left”. Then click the IMAP Tab” along the top".

You will then see the “Sync Options” part way down. “Check both boxes” and “Save & Close” accounts. See Gmail IMAP example below.

Note: Enabling both boxes will cause the eM Client mail database to increase in size, but will speed up the process of reading cloud based emails.

Thanks. I don’t want to download the pictures for offline use, I just want to view them within the email/application. I have to have another email client on my system to view any emails with pictures as they take so long to open.

Outlook, for example, doesn’t have to download the pictures to the computer to view them and wondering why there is a difference with eM Client? Is there a setting that allows the same viewing of pics as other email clients?