PGP Password and decrypting messages

I feel stupid for asking this question as PGP encryption is not for the ones who are quite forgetful.

Here’s a small background. A while back I decided to encrypt my Facebook messages with PGP encryption, as an extra safety measure, because they offered that option. I remember writing down the PGP password somewhere, but I have unfortunately lost it - along with my Facebook password. (“How?” you may ask).

Now, I can’t decrypt the messages sent to me and I can’t reset my password. It is almost near impossible to get ahold of a Facebook representative unless you know them or have a large following. 

Is there any way to retrieve the PGP password? Debugging the program, brute force attack, anything? Any help is appreciated.

In the end, all I want to do now is to “free” all of my emails and phone number from Facebook (probably through deactivation) so I can start another account. Eventually, stop using PGP encryption altogether.

What would be the point of encryption if just anyone could crack the password?

PGP encryption works on a deeper level than just a password though; it uses a key pair. Only the receiver of the message has the private key and password, and both are required to decrypt the message.

Is this question maybe not better addressed in a Facebook forum? Or is this regarding encrypted messages you received in eM Client?

I believe I should clarify myself, as I hastily wrote that post.

I have lost my passphrase or password to my private key, therefore I have lost the ability to decrypt the PGP-encrypted messages sent from Facebook. What I’m asking specifically is if it is possible to recover my passphrase or password to my private key in some form (brute-force, debugging, etc.).

If that could be done, encryption would not mean anything. Then the only difference between encrypted an unencrypted would be a few seconds it would take to crack the password.

No, it is not possible to do what you are asking. This is the whole point of encryption.