PGP key passphrase with special characters not working!

When I generate with eM Client a PGP key pair using a password with special characters , I cannot use this key anymore for signing, etc. The pop-up that is asking for the passphrase when I try to send a signed e-mail simply does not accept my password (it appears to be wrong).

I have retried this procedure (creating a key pair, trying to send a signed e-mail) with different passwords and special characters (like §, ü, …). Whenever I use a passphrase without special characters (like only letters and numbers), it is working! Whenever I use special characters in my passphrase, eM Client does not recognize my password anymore.

The problem occurs both in the latest version of eM Client 7 (Windows Store) and in the latest beta version eM Client 8.

I hope very much you can reproduce and fix this bug.

With best regards,

UPDATE: Some special characters like @ and ! do actually seem to work. But §, ü, etc. don’t. :frowning:

It may still behave the same, but there are much later 7.x releases in the Release History. The Store version is a bit behind. :wink:

Still not fix, same problem here the “é” character in pgp password key, it’s causing the same issue. Tested on the last Beta 8 and 7.
Will wait a fix before buying the soft.