PGP Key Encryption and EM Client with Hide my Email from Icloud Plus

I just wanted to talk or discuss the possibility to use some of the Icloud Plus Features like hide my Email with Em Client with PGP Encrypted Messages. It would be cool to add some of the icloud plus features in Em Client.

Hide my Email from Icloud Plus generates random Email Addresses to hide and protect for example from hacking your “normal” email address or stalking or whatever. If someone doesn’t know your real mail it can’t be hacked. Yahoo for example is a disaster…

If you want to use PGP encrypted messages with hide my email this combination is not working in Em Client currently with these randomly generated mail addresses. Other mail programs for example Outlook with the GPol Plugin from gpg4win or IPG mail in Ios let you choose automatically which key you want to use for sending encrypted messages. In Em Client there is no option to choose manually. Em Client automatically chooses the PGP which belongs to the recipients mail address.

For example my normal mail address:


The Recipients mail address:

receiver123(ÄT)test(POINT)de ← PGP Key created from this mail address

So if I want to send an encrypted Email to receiver123(ÄT)test(POINT)de the person gives me the PGP key which the person owns.

Icloud Plus generates a random email address for me so that I am able to hide my normal address and all messages will be forwarded. There is no direct communication anymore between the two addresses above.

For example:

chair.beans(ÄT)icloud(POINT)com instead of hello123(ÄT)test(POINT)de given to receiver123(ÄT)test(POINT)de

If I want to send an email to receiver123(ÄT)test(POINT)de through Icloud Plus with the randomly generated mail address Icloud gives me an email address to forward the message

for example something like this:


These mail addresses are changed sometimes. I still have the same forwarding email address for about 6 months so not every week or day. They last pretty long.

Em Client not understands that receiver123_at_test_de_tgdnc55c6v467s59_1fyt6037(ÄT) is the same Person or recipient like receiver123(ÄT)test(POINT)de and can not use the PGP Key for encryption.

I mean I can also use a text editor write anything encrypt it with the PGP key and just send it as attachment then it is also working and encrypted. But I mean isn’t it still possible doing this a bit easier in Em Client?

Can anyone help me or give me a solution for this? The Em Keybook is also still something which looks like a beta. Not possible to upload any keys which are public.

These weird looking (ÄT) and (POINT) is because I get a error message when posting.

Best regards