Personal Template background color is NOT being sent out to recipient of such email...

First, whenever I generate a new email, my personal stored background color is automatically and absolutely correctly being diplayed on my screen…but once it’s been sent out, it reverts back to its default setting (ie. with a white backgound), as also shown
in my Sent Folder of such transmitted email.
Since I haven’t noticed anybody else reporting this kind of fault (?), I’m now wondering if
it might be due to “a mistake” in my own setting; however, I wouldn’t know “where”
I could fix it (!).
Best regards, Philippe Borel.

the bug that background color wasn’t displayed correctly in Sent folder will be fixed in version 3.1.
It wasn’t displayed correctly in Sent folder but recepients received emails correctly. Are you sure your recepients didn’t recieve emals with corerrect background? What version of eM Client do you use?


Milos Kovalcik.

Hello Milos,

Well you see, upon sending out my last email with such a personalized background
(I selected light grey, since it was for a condolance mail), I also included my own address (under BCC)…but my obtained copy had just its default white background!
So I very much doubt that the recipient would have received my defined background…

I’m currently using version v3.0.10206.0

Best regards,

Philippe Borel

I tested it using your version and it really doesn’t work correctly. Nevertheless in new version 3.1 which will be released soon it works alright.


Milos Kovalcik.

Oh, that will be indeed “just great”; dear Milos!
So bye for now,
Philippe Borel