Personal actions

Rules in em.client are a helpful tool and work fine. But rules are an automatism and work only for predefined cases and only in direct cooperation with sending or receiving mails.

A personal action could be defined similar to rules but would be triggered only by demand.

In many cases incoming emails are processed in the same way but it’s often not possibe do define a fixed rule before. For example if I decide to forward a message to a certain recipient after I’ve read the mail this can be done currently only explicitly. It would be nice to run a predefined action on the selected mail.

Such a personal action would act like a rule withoud the conditon cause - or if needed the condition cause could be ‘the selected mail’.

To work seamlessly such personal actions need to be linked to a personal action button in the menue bar.

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Hello Reiner, unfortunately it is not possible to apply a rule on selected email only, but you can apply rule manually on your folder. All you need to do is to uncheck the rule in Tools > Rules, so it’s not automatically processed each time new messages are received. But you can right click the folder you’d like to apply the rule on and select “Apply Rule…” and select the rule from the list.

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Hello Paul, thanks for answering. Unfortunately your proposal is not solving my issue / suggestion because it’s just using existing rules in a different way. It does not change the way the rules work: you have to define conditions to identify the mails for which rules work. This is fine as long as you can pre-define conditions to select mails for a rules regime.

Just to recall: I proposed to find a way how a rule (or a different kind of action list) could be assigned to indiviually selected mails. For example: As the president of a club I have to forward every now and then mails to my colleagues. But I can’t say for which mails the actions will be need to done. Nevertheless I know that I will have to run a certain action every now an then…



Hello Reiner, this is unfortunately not possible, but thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider improving this in future releases.


I have the same issue. A very simple scenario is where I receive lots of emails from supply companies. Some of these are relevant, many are not. If I simply delete them then my  trash shows unread items which is a distraction. I would like the ability to create a “macro” which would mark the selected message as read and then delete it (move it to trash).

Just an example. Outlook has the “quick steps” tool.

Hello Chris, quick text should be a feature included in the upcoming release of eM Client 7.


I wasn’t thinking about “quick text” more “quick steps”

Regards Chris

Another example of this might be to have a custom button in the toolbar which forwards the selected email to a particular person - your boss, your partner etc etc, someone you forward to a lot. For me, it would be forward to Evernote. This would be helpful for me.

Quick Actions (triggered by hotkey) should be implemented. I miss it very much after quitting Outlook (which is shitty, BTW). I wish to have some predefined “macros” to do several actions, for example: by pressing Ctrl+F1 i wish to a) flag message b) clear all categories: assign category X c) mark as unread; Ctrl+F2: a) unflag message b) clear all categories: assign category Y c) mark as read; etc.