Persistent error in v8

Can anyone help with this error I am getting in version 8? : -

[Google Contacts] Creating or updating folder ‘/Contacts/Coworkers/’ failed due to the following error: Execution of request failed: (Cannot update a system group)

I don’t have a Coworkers group. So why is eMclient trying to update it?

It appears as a red triangle whenever I refresh. I select Ignore but it keeps coming back.

I have resolved this myself.

I looked in EmClient Menu\Tags…
I found “Coworkers” under Mail and Contacts. It let me delete both.
After Save & Close I did a Refresh All and now no annoying error message appears.

It would have been easier to resolve if the error message had said “Unsupported Tag ‘Coworkers’ instead of listing a Google error message”.

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thanks a lot John40
I was getting mad about that
BTW, Google changed contacts management recently, so I tried to manage labels there but with no avail