Perpetual synch and message failures.

I’m afraid it’s going to have to be GOODBYE to eMclient for me as my patience is finally exhausted, despite its seductive looks and ease of use when it IS working. The synchronisation agonies and the false messages about it failing to connect which continually mean having to press IGNORE ALL have finally got to me. Sorry and all that. Ben.

Hello Ben,
if there are sync errors but the mail works, you could have just disabled the Operations window pop up (Tools>Settings>General>General).
If the accounts actually fail to work, seeing the error messages and the content of the Log in the Operations window would be very helpful in resolving the issue.


Similarly, my eMclinet has just started to fail sending messages. Now all attempts at sending a message, end up with message showing up in “Sent” folder marked with a red dot. I know of no way of solving this problem.
After contacting my Internet provider, they claim all is working fine and that I need to contact you for help with correcting this problem.