permanently delete a message with Shift-Delete

There are several conversations about this problem. Some are very old, and some are contradictory, so I decided to create a new one.

I was looking for a solution to permanently delete a message without the intermediate sojourn in the Trash folder. Several posts indicated that Shift - Delete was the answer. Another tread (and I can’t find it now) said that this doesn’t work with Gmail because it is IMAP behavior, but that was contradicted in yet another thread.

My experience is that Shift-Delete, in fact, DOESN’T work with a Gmail account. It shows up in the trash anyway. 

I tried Shift-Delete with my ISP-provided e-mail account, which is configured as IMAP in the eM Client, and that DOES work.

My eM client version is 7.1.31849.0

Go figure …

This method of deleting does not work with Gmail IMAP. It is removed from Inbox, and it does not appear in Trash, but is still visible in All Mail.

Since commenting in another thread a few days back, I re-tested it on a few other IMAP accounts, and it works perfectly.

My experience with Gmail is this: Shift-delete has no effect. It still shows up in the trash … always. It also appears in All Mail. My other IMAP account does delete with shift delete and does NOT show up and in the trash.

Yes, others also have had different outcomes with GMail, and as you originally commented, some are even contradictory. But I think we all agree that Shift+Delete does not do what it is supposed to do with GMail.

I think it may be interesting to see what happens with future releases of eM Client.