Permanantly delete a message in eM?

I read there is a undocumented feature in eM to permanently delete messages by holding “shift+delete” keys just like Outlook. It seems it’s not only undocumented but it doesn’t even work for me! I delete a message using delete or shift + delete and either way it still goes to the Trash and with shift + delete it is supposed to go straight to email heaven…but doesn’t!

I have always liked this feature with Outlook and would love to have it back now in eM. Is there something I’m missing or an option somewhere I need to set?

enable IMAP logging under the problematic account in Tools - Settings - Advanced and try to simulate the issue. Then send us the logs using the same window. Thank you.

Can you provide an update on this? I’ve just installed eM today and am super impressed. The one thing that I’m missing is the ability to permanently delete an email straight from the inbox, exactly as the original post describes.

Hi Scott, so if you select an email and press Shift + delete, the email is not directly deleted? It should be.

What version of eM client are you currently using?

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Hi Paul,

Thanks for your response. I’m running the most current version of eM client (downloaded two days ago).

Interesting. So, depending on how you select “delete” you get a different result. Here’s what I discovered:

  1. Shift + delete, using the delete button displayed at the top of eM = message goes into trash

  2. Shift + delete, right clicking the email/message, then holding down shift and clicking delete = message goes into trash

  3. Shift + delete, holding down the shift key while pressing the delete key on your keyboard = message skips trash and is permanently deleted

This last action, the message skipping trash and permanently deleted, is what I was looking for. I’m more than happy to adjust my habits to use this method but just interesting that shift + delete (no matter how you select delete) has different results.

BTW, great job with this product. It has 99% of what I used Outlook for and I can get by without the other 1%.


Hi again Scott, yes you can only achieve the direct deletion of an email using the keyboard, the shift key has no effect on delete buttons inside the application.
Glad you like the app, hope it stays that way, make sure to let us know if you have any other questions.

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I have been struggling with this same issue for months. When I would shift+delete, the message would stay in the trash but for my wife, they did not. Found this message thread today and it explains the problem, she was using the delete key, I was not.

This is a very inconsistent interface and really should be fixed. THis is the only major issue I have with emClient.

Hi Rich, not completely sure what you’re referring to as inconsistent, if you want to remove items from your mailbox, the delete button will remove the item from your mailbox and move it to the trash folder, using shift+delete, the message will be removed from the server without being moved to trash.

Forcing the delete action by using the delete button is a standard feature in most applications, you can also use ctrl+d for the standard deletion with moving the item to trash as the preset shortcut for eM Client that you can adjust in Tools > Settings > General > Shortcuts.

Thanks for the reply. The shift -delete key works as i would expect, and is consistent with common practice.  The inconsistency that I mentioned is that the shift with the UI delete tools and menu does not operate the same way.

Not really sure what you mean, do you mean using shift with the buttons in UI? Unfortunately shortcuts can not be used partially with the UI buttons, these kind of actions are not supported as the click function is using a preset function to which it refers and does not change with shortcuts.

Apparently you are using a very limited user interface library.  All of the UI libraries that I have used would permit modifying menu, toolbar, or icon actions by pressing the standard modifier keys (Shit, ctl, alt). This is unfortunate. Maybe you could add a new icon and menu item that is “permanently delete” to get around that shortcoming.

Thanks for the reply.


Agreed, when you have to remove your hand from the mouse to perform a function it slows you down.  It would however be natural to shift with your left hand while clicking the delete button on the em client GUI toolbar.   This really bugs me as I was used to this in outlook.