performance issues

Using eM client 7.1 in a Win10 environment.  Whenever I return to my PC after it’s gone to sleep and I’ve left eM Client open, it takes quite a while (read: 2 minutes or more) for the program to relinquish system resources.  I go to Task Manager and see that the disk is whirring along at 100% utilization, mostly due to eM Client.  Memory usage is also very high. this basically means I cannot use anything on my PC while this activity is going on.  Even launching Task Manager takes 30 seconds.

Are there any parameter changes I can make to alleviate this situation?  I archive my mail every week and only keep about 40 days in my current database.  Aside from closing the app every time i’m ready to walk away from my computer, what else can I do.  Getting quite annoying and seems to be worse with the latest release.