Peculiar Behavior with Beta 7.0.25432.0.

Couple of observed issues with the new Beta, one of which is quite annoying: some inbox emails are getting into a tight loop of synching and re-synching with the server, over and over and over again endlessly.  The email shows up and then disappears and immediately shows up again.  While that is happening the inbox item count is incrementing by 1 each time - even though there are no new emails actually coming in.  Very strange.   I have to go in under a different client, i.e. Android smartphone or IOS tablet, and read those specific emails from the server and then delete them.

The other issue I have encountered is replying to an email in a window only to have that window occasionally just go away, returning me to the originating email window.  The reply window is still available but I have to re-establish it to finish my reply.

FWIW: I am a long time, daily user of emClient and this behavior is all brand new with the Beta client.

I am having the same issue. Certain messages don’t seem to fully download. They appear for a second, disappear, then reappear, over and over. They are all emails to my address (as opposed to any other), and I have to go to Gmail to view them and mark them read (sometimes twice) before they will stay in my emClient inbox. And these are important messages that I have been missing because I don’t always catch seeing them when they are in the inbox and before they disappear… I have to be looking and noticing that they come and go. Only started with this latest beta for me, too.

My account is with Gmail as well.  I had one only this morning.  I had to shut down emClient, go to my phone client and read it, then it was just fine.  Very strange.  Also strange in a way, I am glad someone else has seen this!!