pdf won't open

I can’t open a pdf when attached to an email tahat I receive

When you try to open the PDF file, do you get an error? and if you do what does it say?

Hi Fred,
please tell me which version of eM Client are you running (Help > About) and also what happens when you try to open that pdf - are there any error messages you could copy/take screenshot of?

Best regards,

Hi Olivia I am having the same issue. My workplace has licence and have installed it on my computer, but I can’t download any attachments or send emails- i am receiving an error message saying that my trial licence has expired- weird as have access to full licence. Would appreciate any help as have stacks of work to do tonight… Thanks

Hi Thea,
sounds like you didn’t activate your license inside the program.
Go to Help > License and activate your license key there.

Best regards,

Hi, is now 2 weeks eM cant open pdf files received. I get error: Adobe reader is not able to open xxx. But I can open if the file is sent to another email (yahoo or hotmail) anyone can assist me? thank you