PDF Viewer in eM Client

A question by a user had me thinking about this…

Is there any thought to adding a PDF viewer to eM Client? I realize that there are some built-in in-line viewers, such as for JPG file, but has any thought been given for PDF files. PDF files are generally safe in that they don’t have the ability to have viruses embedded in them like Word or Excel files. As they are one of the most common file formats for sending documents to people, it would make eM Client a little more seamless to have a PDF viewer built-in along with the ability to easily print those attachments.


Hi, we’re currently not considering adding a PDF preview feature to the application as most users still need a more advanced PDF application and viewing PDF files is a default feature of the latest operating systems as well.

Thank you for the suggestion however, maybe we’ll able to include the feature in future releases of eM Client, but unfortunately it is not on our roadmap to upcoming updates, or the upcoming release of version 7.


Thanks for the reply. Understood. It just would be nice to be able to quickly view a PDF or even print one out without having to open up a separate application.

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