PDF or not PDF that is the question ?

Can someone help?
For some reason suddenly when I try to open attachments in eM client that have been sent as a PDF eM client tries to open the attachment in Paint.

I can’t find a way to change the way it should open automatically in acrobat reader. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Image of the message I receive when trying to open attached.

Guess what I worked it out lol…I saved a copy of a file to my desktop then right moused and asked it to open with Acrobat and set that as the default and hey presto all files changed to pdf :slight_smile: who needs “Dynamo the magician” when the magic was all there at the click of a button.


this is rather unusual behaviour, have you changed before this issue occurred file type association?


Hi John,

no I had not changed any settings so it was rather unusual, thankfully I have been able to rectify.

The only way I was able to open the file into a pdf format was to save the attachment as a “save as” file to my desktop then open with acrobat.

Now I have been able to reset acrobat as the default it is all working fine and no longer have to go through this laborious task each time.

Thanks and regards


Well eM Client itself can’t open .pdf files so it always uses program set as default in Windows, that is why this was weird.
If this will happen again please contact us again.

have a nice day!