PDF files cannot be saved from emails received

When you click on the attached PDF the emails system comes up with an error message when you go to send it the email system closes and then re opens stating it didnt close properly and does the check and finds there is no errors When I go into check I have no updates I then went into Mail attachments and it states there are no Action Defined. I cannot add PDF here. We have another computer with the same mail system and it does have PDF and it seems it is alive Yet I am locked out on my system so I cannot save any attachment

Might be easier if you break this problem description down for us.

OS version
eMC version.
email provider
List of errors and when they occur.

Is there any update on this issue as I provided the information I thought would help This is a major issue for me

There is request for more info - above.

I have replied twice to your requests by return email what more can I do as it is starting to bug me