Pc hs recup data base

hello !
My PC’s motherboard is faulty but the hard drive is ok. I have a new PC but I haven’t had time to make a backup of my email. is it possible to install em client on my new pc then recover the database on my old pc in users…roaming emclient to put it back on the new one in order to recover all my emails? Thank you for your information

As you don’t have any eM Client backups on your old hard-disk user profile, after installing eM Client on the new Windows computer, open eM Client and skip the setup. Then close eM Client.

Then go to the following eM Client hidden roaming folder on your new computer hard-disk “C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\eM Client” and delete everything in there.

Then copy everything from “this same hidden folder on your old hard-disk” to the same hidden roaming folder on your new computer.

Lastly open eM Client which should then be the same as it was before.

Note: If you don’t have eM Client to reinstall, you can get the same or later versions of eM Client from the release history page.

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Great ! Thanks a lot :slight_smile: