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I use the Windows snipping tool to copy an image to the clipboard and then paste it into the body of an email. Problem is that email is rejected by all recipients as spam due to the png format of the paste. How can I fix this?

Pasting an image inline wouldn’t normally cause it to be rejected on the receiving mail server unless it has a eg: complete block on html emails with images and only allows text.

What’s the actual error you are getting bounced back ?

“Your message wasn’t delivered because the recipient’s email provider rejected it.”
"Remote Server returned ‘550 5.7.520 Message blocked because it contains content identified as spam. AS(4810)’ "
Every message I send with a PNG paste from clipboard is rejected.

I cannot replicate that same problem you are having. Using eM Client V9.2.1222 for Windows i can send emails with pasted .png files via the clipboard into and email body directly or attached and they are not rejected on any mail server i send to including Gmail, Microsoft, Yahoo & a local ISP etc.

So from the error you are getting 550 5.7.520, either you have some eg: http:// or https:// or other code in your email being sent out, or your email address or your mail server ip address has been identified as sending spam in the past and the receiving mail server or servers have blocked you for some reason.

So first right click on your email with the .png pasted in it and then click “view source” and see if you have any http:// , https:// or any other links. If there is, delete them and try sending your email again.

Also if you have any eg: “Signatures” in eM Client setup with links or email addresses etc in the body, try removing those as could be something in there might also be causing an issue on the receiving mail server end and being marked as spam.

Failing that if you don’t have anything in the source code and no signature setup that might be interfering, then you will have to contact the technical support at each receiving mail server to see why your emails are being rejected.

Sometimes receiving mail servers have eg: a very aggressive spam policy and it could be they are not allowing certain content, apart from blocking specific email addresses or mail server ip addresses etc.

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I just tried it again sending to myself and it was again “undeliverable” When I check source as you suggested the result is huge!!

I just tried it again sending to myself and it was again “undeliverable” When I check source as you suggested the result is huge!!

You can copy the source code out into a text editor such as eg: Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac) and then search / look in that.

Any http links, email address @ links or ip address (number x.x.x.x links) where you can be rejected & need to search / look for, will normally be “at the top part” of the source code.

The .png image part will normally be “down further in the source code” as in my example below with alot of stuff underneath that. So you won’t need to worry about the .png / image part of the code.

(Example .png / image part of the source code which you would normally ignore)

Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
Content-Type: image/png; name=51cdd309.png
Content-Disposition: inline; filename=51cdd309.png; size=1300878

VUZH+eG73y//8l/+i/JXf/3/ln/zb/6X0t8PDe+aDjsEg7rFQT1hHF52Xuq5S420s9Klvh3pFayH etc…

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