Paste a text/keep formatting

Not sure if this should be an issue or a feature request.

I have my default text paste format set to ‘keep text only’ as 99 times out of 100 I want to paste text only. The problem is, when I want to retain the formatting im copying from I need to go into the master settings and change it there.

I feel like I should be able to leave the default setting the same, and right clicking and selecting ‘paste’ should ignore the master setting and keep the formatting from where ive copied from.
Hopefully this makes sense!

I would say this paste option would be a feature request.

You could maybe have a “paste option” on the menu that also appears on your screenshot example such as eg: " Paste with formatting"

Using Ctrl + V will paste just the text, but once you have pasted, the options box shows.
Just select the formatted icon. That will change the plain text you just pasted back to formatted text.


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Yeah I would love to see ‘paste’ and ‘paste as text’ ignore the master setting.

This is perfect! Thanks Gary

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