I am unable to get past the “Startup password required” screen, although I’m confident that I’m entering the right password.  How do I get past this screen?  I already saw the advice on this forum to start a new database.  I just completed a very complex set-up of several email accounts and would prefer to not have to start again. But I did try this advice.  I already tried renaming my EM folder, but that did not resolve my problem.  I’m on Windows 10.

I just purchased a license, if that matters.

Hi Nina,
if you purchased a PRO license I suggest contacting PRO support about your issue - and one of our engineers can fix the problem for you.


ok, already did that but did not get a response. perhaps because of the holidays;  I re-installed to get it working, but it would be helpful to use the password option AND be able to get a reminder or password re-set, like all other programs.  If that feature is not available, it makes the password-set option useless and destructive.