password required

"Password Required" keeps popping up every 5 seconds. I have password setup automatically, in the Server, it is correct but “password required window”  just keeps returning. What to do?

I get the same thing on  my account  only.  I finally had to disable it.

Me too, it’s sporadic and always goes away eventually, but it’s a pest.

Hi Chris,
what account does this issue happen on? Do you have any additional security setup (ie. 2-step verification)?
What version of eM Client are you running?


Hi I’m getting this aswell.  It’s every few minutes: Password required Server says "[UNAVAILABLE] Account is temporarily unavailable.  The username and password are correct.  I’m using 7.0.27943.0 eM Client. If I ‘Ignore all’ in the Operations Errors window, it moves on, but just keeps repeating.

I just came back to emclient Uninstalled several weeks ago because of constant problems. Went back to Outlook and it was terrible so I re-installed emclient. I now am getting this problem, never had it before. works most of the time but now get this message off and on. Password is correct. Also, now all my e-mails are suddenly marked unread. Emclient has a great product, and I know it is free, but I’d even pay a little to have someone pay attention to all these problems and to have direct responses rather than searching through this huge user blog that very seldom finds a solution. I’ll be surprised if I get a creditable response…

Hi Bill, I am still getting the problem but less frequently.  I uninstalled and re-installed the account and it helped.  I appreciate that you have just done this for a different reason, but maybe it’s worth a go?

Thanks for your reply. Good suggestion, but I doubt it would make a difference. This started about a week after I re-installed. It worked perfectly from when I re-installed  until all of a sudden it started. Don’t have any idea why, unless emclient made some change that did it. Still looking for an answer, and like I stated, unhappy that emclient does not respond to free user issues. I would gladly pay some small fee for use of emclient if they would address and fix all these silly issues that keep occurring.